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What's in a Name?

little –


• Conesus Lake is one of the little Finger Lakes.

• Our building sure is little!

• Little is the maiden name of our owner’s late mother.

• The lower case "l" in our name is intentional to accentuate our size.

• We are a micro (little) beverage center with small-batch, artisan beverages brewed on site. Oh, and we serve food.


Lake –


• We are located on Conesus Lake.

• We are in the Finger Lakes region.

• Our logos include a treble hook symbolizing lake fishing - and getting hooked.

• The design scheme of the interior building reflects relaxing lake life from the color palette to the historical photos telling the lake’s story.


Brewing –


• Our coffee beans are roasted on-site and brewed fresh each morning.

• We brew beer on-site

• House-made soda is on tap (not really brewed, but you get the idea).

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